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made from plants

EcoNest uses a variety of renewable plant-based materials to manufacture our product range.
EcoNest packaging is compostable in commercial facilities, where accepted.


Cassava is a cheap and common root crop. The starch from cassava can be used to make bioplastics which is a biodegradable alternative to petroleum-based plastic bags. Our cassava biobags are designed to be 100% biodegradable and compostable, and is also soluble in hot water. Our biobags come in a variety of forms such as t-shirt bags, griphole bags, mailers, pouches, and laundry bags.

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Sugarcane bagasse is an alternative to polystyrene. It's suitable for hot and cold food and is freeze-safe, microwave-safe, and oven-safe. This material is made from reclaimed sugarcane, where the the dry fibrous residue left once sugarcane has been pressed for juice. A high-heat, high-pressure process is applied to press and shape the fibers into our takeaway boxes, plates, and bowls.

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Polylactic Acid (PLA)

PLA is a compostable bioplastic derived from plant sugars. Glucose is extracted from milled corn, and then fermented to produce lactic acid. This is processed into a polymer and made into pellets. PLA is used in our clear products such as cup lids.


An alternative to conventional plastic, our bamboo-derived products are naturally sourced and is fully recyclable. The bamboo fiber makes our straws durable enough to last more than four hours submerged in a beverage and makes it safer to be thrown away. 

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Eco-friendly Inks

Our vegetable-based inks are less harmful to the environment than their petroleum-based counterparts. Oils from the naturally sourced products are used as a solvent for the pigments and is then printed into our cassava biobags.

Paper and Card

We use sustainably sourced paper and recycled content where we can. The production of kraft paper doesn't involve extensive bleaching, a process which conventional paper uses and decreases the paper's strength. Our Geami 3D Honeycomb Wrap, kraft tape, and plantable ballpens are made of this material.



Trust and transparency are at the core of our business.

As a leading company that supplies eco-friendly packaging, we ensure that our products are compliant to local and international standards, while guiding our stakeholders on proper understanding and education. We hold an extensive set of compostability certification from SGS, STP, TUV, FDA, DIN CERTCO, and the FSC.

We’ve been offering truly eco-friendly products not only to excite the market with something new, but also to provide concrete solutions that are right for you and kinder to the earth.


Our plant-based compostable packaging is made from renewable, lower carbon, recycled or reclaimed materials. While all compostable material is biodegradable,
not all biodegradable material is compostable:

• plant-based, animal-based or natural mineral-based
• undergoes degradation from the action of naturally occurring microorganisms (ie. bacteria, fungi, and algae)

• capable of breaking down into natural elements in compost
• faster biodegredation process under the right conditions

EcoNest compostables are a practical solution for single-use food-contaminated disposables, allowing you to achieve your sustainability goals in every step of our products' life cycle.





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Biodegradable & Compostable



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Microwave & Oven Safe

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