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EcoNest Philippines is a marketing and distribution company specializing in truly eco-friendly, technologically-advanced, and unique packaging products and custom business solutions for enterprises in the Philippines and around the globe. Founded in 2018 by two social entrepreneurs, EcoNest aims to greatly alleviate the consequences of plastic and chemical wastes through our 3 Brand Pillars: Prevent, Sustain, and Cure.


EcoNest Philippines’ vision is to create a community of environmentally conscientious consumers and business owners thriving in a circular economy. Our mission is to be the trusted provider of eco-friendly packaging materials and business supplies as we work closely with decision makers and consumers to shape a greener future.



We believe that prevention is better than cure. We offer truly eco-friendly direct alternatives and solutions to plastics to PREVENT further damage to nature.


We help partners SUSTAIN their transition by creating communication campaigns to educate end users on the proper care & disposal of our products. We believe in continuously learning and educating the community to instill lasting change.


We are faced with glaring environmental issues that need to be CURED. We develop creative solutions for our partners and facilitate activities that support our cause.


Pursue Excellence

Live with Integrity

Inspire Passion

Embrace Quality

Work with Respect


Nikki Sevilla

CEO & Managing Partner

Nikki has an extensive experience in marketing and retail distribution as she has handled premium international brands in fashion, bathroom, and kitchen systems for more than a decade. She found the need to provide trustworthy eco-friendly solutions and alternatives for local industries after being exposed to different manufacturing facilities and technologies across the globe. Now an advocate for lessening harmful single-use plastic wastes, she co-founded EcoNest Philippines with the aim to encourage consumers and business owners to be mindful on how their products and brands consume and dispose of resources.

If and when she gets breaks from running the company, she either explores islands or cuddles her bulldogs.

Joshua Caampued

CFO & Managing Partner

After acquiring an MBA at Globis University of Tokyo, Joshua Caampued realized that elevating the lives of his fellow countrymen through the use of advanced technologies is one of his biggest goals. True enough, he was able to get an opportunity to closely work for a company in Japan that promotes wind energy in the Philippines. He co-founded EcoNest Philippines as he finds the need to make innovative products accessible and more affordable to the market. Joshua along with his team will be able to bring a change in how enterprises and the community manage their wastes around the country.

You would catch him checking the stock market from time to time and the next thing you know, he's chasing after the latest food craze in the metro or in Tokyo.

Danielle Quiwa

COO & Managing Partner

Danielle has years of experience in television and luxury brand management. Working in the corporate world, she has done her best in trying to live more sustainably by switching from paper to digital, and creating semi-automated systems to save electricity. She knew that there was more she could do for Mother Nature, so she joined EcoNest Philippines to introduce more planet-friendly alternatives to the market in the hopes that everybody shifts to a brighter lifestyle.

When she’s not trying to save the Earth, she’s either playing with her two pups and three cats, or singing at a nearby karaoke bar.

Inna Serafin

CRO & Managing Partner

Inna is an experienced marketing and brand professional and has been in the industry for years. Working in the corporate field, she previously handled international fashion brands and luxury home furnishings where she successfully developed both businesses. More than honing her expertise in luxury marketing, she has always took interest in finding new technology that would create a big and meaningful impact to the community around her. She joined EcoNest Philippines with the mission to offer innovative eco-friendly solutions and educate business owners, key players and consumers the importance of making the switch and leaving a legacy of a greener future.

If she’s not on her laptop, you’d probably catch her getting wine and cheese or doing yoga somewhere.

Joanne Arnante

Web Designer & Developer

Joanne has years of experience as a Professional Interior Designer, working for top firms and handling projects of her own. She eventually found interest in the tech field, and got a scholarship at Zuitt Philippines for a Full-Stack Web Development Course. After graduating, she decided to join EcoNest Philippines and found a renewed motivation to use her skills to help startups and individuals looking to make a difference.

During her free time, you're bound to find her making art, learning/trying something new, or simply exploring around the metro.

Rhejoiachim Clemente

Product Photographer

Kim is a mechanical engineer working in the transportation sector with the goal of providing means of green and efficient transportation in the country. Photography has always been his second passion and he has worked on landscape, event, and product photography. He joined EcoNest as a product photographer, showcasing their truly eco-friendly products to achieve their shared goal of a more sustainable environment and lifestyle.

He likes doing calligraphy, tinkering with his car, and playing with his dogs in his free time.