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Are Corn-based Biobags Truly Sustainable?


With more and more cities joining the global movement to ‘ban plastics,’ PLA-PBAT products continue to gain popularity. For those of us seeking to reduce our plastic consumption, it seems like a win for the planet. However, critics and experts around the world have brought to light that this alternative still has limitations to being environmentally friendly. Some compostable and plant-based biobags such as PLA-PBAT "corn" still actually contain petroleum-based components. Unlike cassava-based bags, these are more difficult to compost and defeats the purpose of us trying our best not to depend on petroleum derivatives.

When taking a closer look into the effects of PLA-PBAT plastics, many issues reveal a complicated path to zero waste. They are recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable, but that doesn’t mean the ocean — or any other natural environment — easily can handle it. They are more expensive than plastic, but they don’t readily biodegrade on a beach or in the sea. In order for them to be a viable, eco-friendly solution, proper sorting and industrial composting systems must be put in place. Properly processing PLA-PBATs to biodegrade is even less plausible if we take into account the fact that many big cities do not even have the correct industrial facilities for this process, let alone sorting infrastructure. As a result, the majority of these are discarded into landfills.

In other words, in order for non-home-compostable materials to be a viable, “eco-friendly” solution, proper sorting and industrial composting systems must be put in place. Make sure to use non-petroleum-based materials (YES, avoid PLA-PBAT). Otherwise, you might as well consider them no different than traditional plastic.

Thankfully, Cassabags, which are now more accessible than ever, provide a better solution to our growing need for truly eco-friendly alternative packaging. The innovative technology of cassava biobags surpasses the performance of regular paper bags and is certainly the sensible option for your business compared to traditional plastics made from non-renewable resources and other plastics claiming to have “degradable” features.

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