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Working Together Through Hard Tides

It’s been months into the pandemic where plans, dreams, livelihood, and lives have been swept away by rough waters.

Despite unforeseen events, our company has witnessed how big and small businesses thrive and survive these challenging times. With movements being limited nowadays, not everyone has the same privilege in accessing resources. This holds true especially in hard-hit communities and rural areas.

When the opportunity to collaborate with Wavefarers, an environmental youth organization, came knocking to our door, we did not hesitate. The AHON Donation Drive, is a collaborative effort that aims to support fellow fisherfolk and their families in Bacoor, Cavite stay afloat by providing basic needs -- the eco-friendly way!

Carrying on with the meaningful partnership, EcoNest Philippines’ Sustainability Alliance was the perfect platform for the company to reach generous hearts while educating them about the value of aiding our hardworking fishermen.

The alliance aims to support the grassroots level of our mission in its most straightforward sense, including the provision of educational information, mounting of activities to insinuate change & action, offering marketing support, grants or product donations of EcoNest’s eco-packaging to communities, organizations and / or businesses.

The week’s donation drive sailed smoothly! With the help of fellow startups and entrepreneurs through the alliance, EcoNest Philippines was able to donate a handful of cassava bags where Wavefarers will place donation packs for the fisherfolk community!

More than the generosity of the partnership itself, EcoNest wants you to realize that rough waters should not hinder a person to help in any way they can. In fact, it is through these hard tides where a person’s true character shows.

Should you wish to donate to Wavefarers' initiatives, please contact: wavefarersph@gmail.com. 

Written by Carol Jessica Navarro