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The beauty found inside, out, and within - Garnier Philippines (under L’Oreal) launches Green Beauty in the Philippines with EcoNest Philippines

The pandemic continues to alter our lives from the way we think and even to the things we choose to buy for ourselves. Sometimes we can’t help but treat ourselves into feeling good as we do deserve it but it has us feeling guilty at times when the products we want are packed in plastic that causes harmful effects in the environment.

As we adjust to the new normal, we have learned that nothing changes if change doesn’t start somewhere.

Image from @clickthecity

That is why Garnier Philippines’s Green Beauty line has made the shift into committing to an end-to-end approach to sustainability in beauty retail that is aimed at reducing its environmental impact at every stage of the value chain – from education, purchasing and recycling.

Garnier is driving the wheel for L’Oréal’s sustainability endeavours, ensuring products contain more than 90% natural origin ingredients, certified organic product ranges, and vegan formulas.

As these beauty products exude beauty and sustainability, EcoNest Philippines partners up with Garnier Philippines as the provider of the RanPak Geami 3D Honeycomb Wrap for their products, a truly eco-friendly alternative to the conventional plastic bubble wrap. This kinder alternative to plastic bubble wrap is made with die-cut kraft paper cut into a 3D honeycomb structure together with a tissue interleaf paper. The structure having interlocked angled paper cells makes wrapping products secure all while being sustainable, eco-friendly, and even elegant!

From EcoNest Philippines humble beginnings, we are proud to be part of Garnier’s journey into sustainability as they are our first major beauty brand partner in the Philippines. This will surely pave the way for smaller and even bigger businesses that if Garnier can make the switch, so can you and so can big corporations. We are one with the call to create a community of environmentally conscientious consumers and business owners thriving in a circular economy.

Our mission is to be the trusted provider of eco-friendly packaging materials and business supplies as we work closely with decision makers and industry leaders to shape a greener future. We believe that creating and sustaining these partnerships allows us to instill lasting change to our communities as we reach more and more people with our advocacy.

Just like our partnership with Garnier, we continue to provide kinder alternatives for your businesses’ green delivery needs with our MAGI set, a set featuring our cassava mailers paired with the RanPak Geami 3D Honeycomb Wrap to bring you the ultimate sustainable packaging experience from businesses to consumers.

Purchase your own set here on the website. To know more, feel free to reach out to us at hello@econestph.com.
Written by: Dheyna Cristobal