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Embracing Five Years of Green Innovation: A Celebration of EcoNest's Sustainable Journey!

Celebrate five years of conscious choices with EcoNest Philippines! 

EcoNest Philippines Team Celebrating at the EcoHub Composting Farm in Bulacan

In the last five years, we not only prospered but have also played a substantial role in changing consumer behaviour and spreading awareness on the importance of using compostable alternatives. This significant milestone prompts us to reflect on the journey thus far, express gratitude to those who have joined us in this eco-friendly revolution, and renew our dedication to a greener future. We share all of our EcoWins with all our partners and allies! If you are one of our amazing partners, we thank you from the bottom of our lil green hearts. :)

We've supported small businesses and large corporations throughout the years!


The past five years, EcoNest Philippines has encouraged over 1,700 MSMEs and establishments to switch to sustainable packaging. Our product offerings have also greatly expanded since then and we've added different compostable alternatives, suitable for local brands.

We helped establish a local manufacturing plant in Bulacan - SACHI-Group, Inc.

Along with SACHI-Group Inc., we've also started locally manufacturing the Cassava bags, which has truly changed the need for plastics. This is a great feat as we continue to explore in lessening not only our plastic impact but we are focusing to lessen our carbon footprint as well.

Together, we have diverted plastics from entering our soils and seas!

From all our product categories, we've diverted more than 17,500,000 pieces of plastic packaging from polluting our land and from entering our oceans along with our dear partners and clients who are dedicated in protecting our environment. We're looking to adding more to this as a far greater number of people start becoming aware about the implications of plastic pollution.

EcoNest Philippines La Union Team Spreading Awareness in the northern regions

In the beginning, we only catered to businesses in Metro Manila, but through partners with the same vision as ours, we're able to reach other parts of the Philippines and even abroad. In the past 5 years, we established strong distribution partners in Visayas and Northern Luzon such as EcoNest La Union covering the northern regions and Bee Philippines covering Palawan. With over 32,000 total deliveries nationwide, we aim to continue reaching the far flung areas that are in need of plastic packaging alternatives!

EcoNest Philippines Leading the MIMAROPA Environmental Summit

Through partnerships with local environmental organizations, educational initiatives, and community outreach programs, our company has actively contributed to raising awareness about the importance of sustainable choices. This collaborative approach has not only strengthened the company's ties with the community but has also fostered a sense of shared responsibility for the environment. We put importance in engaging with the community and connecting with everyone. We truly believe that by working together, we can achieve greater things towards circularity and sustainability. That is why our partnership with The Philippine Alliance for Sustainable Solutions is one of the most remarkable moments in our journey. Through the Alliance, we've made hundreds of connections and have helped other establishments in their environmental problems. Each member plays a key-role to the success of Circularity and that is why we've decided that our them for 2024 will be "EcoHarmony 2024: Cultivating Sustainable Futures".

EcoNest Philippines is a Proud Member of the Philippine Alliance for Sustainable Solutions

As we go through 2024, our team will deep dive into the unpredictable challenges faced by our generation, such as climate change and waste management in harmony with like-minded organizations and establishments such as ours.

We look forward to rebuilding circular economies with the use of eco-friendly packaging items

We pause to glance back at the strides we've made, yet our gaze is firmly set on the horizon. The pledge to sustainable solutions remains unwavering, our community engagement ever-strengthening, as we venture towards the fruition of a circular economy.

Here's to five years of nurturing innovation, celebrating growth, and envisioning a greener tomorrow with EcoNest Philippines! Thank you for all your support!