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EcoNest’s MAGI Set as A Kinder Alternative for your Green Delivery Needs

“What can my brand do? The products call for it!” - EcoNest’s MAGI Set as A Kinder Alternative for your Green Delivery needs
(Featuring brands who have already made the switch)

Image from @style.strauss

It is no secret that online shopping has boomed exponentially during this pandemic in our country and actually - even throughout the whole world. Businesses saw this blow and effect as they had to scale-down and think of other alternatives to continue operations. The behaviors of consumers online changed as well. From shopping to appease self-love - “It’s on sale! Why not?”, consumers shifted to shopping for more practical items, such as groceries and essentials, having little to no risk in getting what they need whilst staying safe at home.

The e-commerce landscape has greatly contributed to the use of plastic, such as in bubble wraps, during and even before the pandemic, as most products call the need for it especially if they are fragile. What can brands at this time do? They need the product to be safe, but is there another alternative that doesn’t harm the environment?

As a company that offers a wide variety of eco-friendly solutions, we recently launched the MAGI (Mailer + Geami Wrap) - a bundle pack fit for every business owner who needs to make the switch. A kinder alternative for e-commerce needs!

The Cassava Mailers used are every shop’s eco-friendly match for sustainable packaging. These bags are made from harvested cassava pulp and are 100% compostable, biodegradable in 105 days. Further features are that they are soluble in hot water, use eco-friendly, contain low oxygen transmission rate for health and safety, are organically made from renewable resources, and are nature-friendly and safe to be consumed by microorganisms. It sure does surpass the innovative technology and performance of regular plastic bags that contribute to environmental damage.

EcoNest PH’s Cassava Mailers and Geami’s 3D honeycomb structure

On the other hand,The Geami WrapPak Ex is an eco-alternative to plastic bubble wraps. The box is a portable dispenser that creates a die-cut kraft paper into a 3D honeycomb structure together with a tissue interleaf paper. The structure having interlocked angled paper cells makes wrapping products secure all while being sustainable and eco-friendly!

We at EcoNest Philippines have teamed up with Ranpak to provide kinder alternatives to the e-commerce landscape and call for businesses to be part of the solution to prevent further environmental damage to our earth, our home.

Here are businesses who have already transitioned in being part of the solution by using the MAGI set:

1. Saipo Soap

Having been created back in late 
2018, founder of Saipo Soap Isabella Madamba and her team are avid skincare enthusiasts who were highly aware and mulled over the unnecessary packaging that is still prevalent in the beauty products industry. 

With being eco-friendly as the brand’s main value, it was not an easy journey for Saipo as they couldn’t find an alternative to their packaging when they still used plastic bubble wraps for their bulk orders. Saipo was still eager however and scoured endlessly and waited for a kinder alternative. 

Not too long after, Saipo has discovered EcoNest’s MAGI Set that now has bloomed into a beautiful and much more eco-friendly partnership as they have finally found a way to showcase their brand and products with such elegance whilst having it to be sustainable. 



2. PureLiv Cleanser

Human health and clean living has and should always be a vital part of every household, yet the irony is that we often purchase chemical cleaning agents that leave toxic materials and allergens at the cost of wanting our home to be “clean” from dirt and contaminants.

Thus the Multipurpose Powder Cleanser by LivClean is born. The founder, Pinky T. Yee has always been an advocate for living clean both inside and out. She then brought the brand LivClean to the world as a 100% natural cleaner that is safe for your children, pets, and homes. The Multipurpose Powder Cleanser is their first product, a fully biodegradable heavy-duty cleanser that contains sodium bicarbonate as its active ingredient. Sodium Bicarbonate remains to be extremely effective against residue and stains all while still being gentle to your hands and the environment when it gets washed out.

With LivClean using the MAGI Set, they remain with their advocacy of clean living and to be making the change for good!

3. Olk Candle

Feeling stressed out lately? Or would you simply love your home to smell like a garden all the time? You have to try out our sustainability partner Olk Candle as they bring beauty and elegance in protecting the environment.

Olk Candle founder Yelim Mo started their business with humble beginnings back in 2018 where they made their first candle. It is with that tiny spark that they continued to create more scented candles that could ignite peace and relaxation. Together with actually bringing light, Yelim wanted to shed light upon the use of plastic packaging in delicate products and hope for other businesses to make the shift towards a much more eco-friendly alternative.

Yelim felt guilty before using plastic bubble wraps for her scented candles but after partnering up with EcoNest as being one of the first partners to use the MAGI Set, she was at peace knowing her candles will be in safe hands without having to compromise their quality. Olk Candle believes that sustainable packaging might cost more, but the benefits are bigger than they could’ve imagined as they are now part of the change for a better and cleaner world. A truly great investment to our earth and our home!

4. At Home with Lauren PH

This is At Home with Lauren’s main brand as they provide you with elegant and state of the art kitchenware and vases that you can use to spice up your beautiful home. A little pop of color doesn’t hurt right?

Lauren Colmenar, owner of At Home with Lauren, also believes in the beauty of sustainability as their glass tea cups, plates, bowls, and vases are packed with utmost care and love for the earth using the MAGI Set. Together, we can bring love into our home and to our environment.






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    Written by Dheyna Cristobal