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Cassava is a cheap and common root crop. The starch from cassava can be used to make bioplastics which is a biodegradable alternative to petroleum-based plastic bags. Our cassava biobags are designed to be 100% biodegradable and compostable, and is also soluble in hot water. Our biobags come in a variety of forms such as t-shirt bags, griphole bags, mailers, pouches, and laundry bags.


When it comes to brand packaging, it's important that the materials you use communicate your values. We can help you make your mark as a brand that values protecting the environment. Create your own design or consult with us to have your own custom Cassabags. Choose from a wide variety of bag styles, colors and ink colors to make your brand shine.

sugarcane bagasse

Sugarcane bagasse is an alternative to polystyrene. It's suitable for hot and cold food, and is freeze-safe, microwave-safe, and oven-safe. This material is made from reclaimed sugarcane, where the the dry fibrous residue left once sugarcane has been pressed for juice. A high-heat, high-pressure process is applied to press and shape the fibers into our takeaway boxes, plates, and bowls.
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