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Corn PLA EcoClingwrap Plain Roll
Corn PLA EcoClingwrap Plain Roll
Corn PLA EcoClingwrap Plain Roll

Corn PLA EcoClingwrap Plain Roll

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FDA Certified and BPA Free

Our Corn-Based Cling Wrap is the first eco-friendly product of its kind. It's made from Corn based PLA, which is typically used for sealing food items to keep them fresh over a longer period of time. It offers the same functional durability as regular petro-based plastics and is certified 100% Compostable in a domestic composting environment. The Bio-Plastic material will break down within 12-24 weeks.


  • 1 Roll Corn PLA EcoClingwrap Plain Roll (30cm width, 30m length)

Suitable For

  • Chilled Contents
  • Frozen Contents
  • High Grease Contents


100% Home Compostable
Microwave Safe
Refrigerator / Freezer Safe
Food Safe (BPA Free with Certifications)
Organically made of renewable resources
Nature-friendly and safe to be consumed by microorganisms


  • Home Compostable
  • Plant-Based
  • Designed to be used out of the box. Easy to dispense with perforated portions.
  • Perforated portions to keep the Eco Compostable Cling Wrap as eco-friendly as possible.
  • Cling wrap that is durable and creates a great airtight seal.
  • Perfect for preparing, cooking or storing meals.
  • Microwave and Freezer-Safe – can be used to heat up or defrost food in the microwave as well as stores in the freezer.
  • Food Safe – hygienically store food preventing contamination and food-borne illnesses.
  • Worm Bin Friendly

Technical Info

Tags Green Takeout
Available Colors Clear
Roll Width
Roll Length 30m
Raw Materials Corn-based PLA
Pieces / Pack 1 piece / pack
Pieces / Box 50 pieces / box
Customizable? No

Product Care

  • Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and water

Product Disposal

  • After using the items, you may fully compost it by simply cutting it into smaller pieces and mix it as carbon component in your bin
  • Dispose in a biodegradable bin with food wastes or paper products
  • Material breaks down within 3-6 months