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Compost for the Future Starter Kit V2
Compost for the Future Starter Kit V2

Compost for the Future Starter Kit V2

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Packed by 1 set
EcoNest Philippines is an Official Distributor of Bokashi Pinoy Composting

Note: Shipping Fee and pick-up will be covered by the client. Fixed shopify SF will be returned if only the bucket will be ordered.

The Compost for the Future Starter Kit v2.0 includes everything that you need to start composting at your office or at home. This kit is designed to help compost 20 liters of raw veggies and food scraps (compacted). For composting cooked leftover food, please purchase V3 Starter Kit here, or purchase the Bundle Kit here.

Bokashi Pinoy Bran (or Bokashi IPA) is an all-natural, probiotic fermented rice hull which can be used to safely compost food waste (even pet manure) preventing odours, flies and vermin associated with food waste and pet manure.


  • 20-Liter Capacity Bucket (repurposed bucket)
  • 1.5 liter Bokashi Pinoy Bran (repurposed pet bottle)


  • Food Waste Composting (All Food Waste, Cooked Food, Raw Meats, Fats, Vegetables, Dairy)
  • Odor Control


  • Breaks down organic matter
  • Prevents putrefaction
  • Prevents and neutralizes foul odors
  • Controls pathogens
  • Prevents fly nuisance


Technical Info

Tags Composting, Bokashi, Starter Kit
Available Kits V2, V3, Bundle 2
Dimensions  49cm x 30 cm x 30cm
Materials Rice Hull / IPA, Repurposed Donut Sugar Buckets, Repurposed PET Bottles
Pieces / Kit 1 set per kit
Customizable? No

Dosage and Directions for Food Composting

  • For Veggie and Fruit Scraps - sprinkle for every 1 inch layer as you would sprinkle salt
  • For Cooked Food, Meat, Dairy, Crustaceans - add 1/8 inch thick layer of the bran for every inch layer of cooked food
  • Additional Molasses - for trimmings of raw meat, fish, fruit, and seafood, add 1 inch layer of bran and about 30mL molasses for every tub of mixed trimmings
  • Pet Poo Composting - do not mix kitchen waste with pet manure. Add 1/8 inch thick layer of the bran for every 1 inch layer of pet manure. You can also add to cat litter and use with dog poo. Remove feces daily and place litter in DIY Pet Poo Digester.
  • Every household just starting with composting will need at least 2 sets of bucket. When the contents of the first bucket is fermenting for 2 weeks, you cannot open it - hence the need for a 2nd bucket.